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Our partnership with Merchant’s PACT can cut your cost on merchant processing. Reach us at 844-FHB-EASY or send us a message.

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MPACT Partner

First Harrison Bank has partnered with Merchant's PACT to negotiate the lowest payment acceptance rates on your behalf. Merchant's PACT is specifically designed to save you time, worry, and money in regards to your payment acceptance.

Service Quality

Industry Expertise

Preferred Negotiations

Quarterly Audits

What Does Merchant's PACT Provide?

Not limited to a specific processor platform

Work for the client and not the processors

Switching providers is not necessary

Analyze both controllable and non-controllable costs

Ongoing competitive bid reviews

Avoid common industry practices and sales tactics

Custom contract that might include shorter terms, no rate increases, and no terminal leases

Assure the rate is not increased

Service escalation point

Knowledge and ability to dissect processing company contract and statements

Savings and Merchant's PACT fee disclosed upfront

Check for billing errors

Service guarantee

Industry connections to find best rates and deals

Not paid commission by processing company

Negotiate and manage potential refunds

Won't bill until savings are verified

POS advice specific to company needs

Validate current provider's contract to ensure best pricing


Manage merchant services for client


Peace of Mind

Continuous Savings



Business Growth

Benefits to Business

Free Merchant Processing Consultation and Analysis

If you are interested in saving money on your payment card acceptance with Merchant's PACT, visit our partner site with Merchant's PACT.

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