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Our partnership with Merchant’s PACT can cut your cost on merchant processing. Reach us at 844-FHB-EASY or send us a message.

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Save with Surcharging

Merchant's PACT Q3 2023 Promotion

If you want to save on the cost you pay to accept card payments, ask us about our surcharging program. With our program, it can auto-calculate a 3% credit card surcharge fee to the customer and 1.25% fee on debit cards. You can receive 100% of the credit card processing sale amount!*

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Lower Fees. Faster Payments.

  • No application or setup fees
  • No termination fees
  • Interchange optimization- qualify for the lowest possible rates
  • Cash discount and surcharge programs available
  • Next day and instant funding
  • Process even if you are offline
  • Protection from rate increases and billing errors

Omni Channel Payment Acceptance

With one account you can accept with a smart terminal, virtual terminal, mobile device, or website shopping cart.

  • EMV, NFC, contactless and QR code acceptance
  • Online and mobile reporting dashboards
  • Quarterly pricing audit
  • Protection against rate increases and billing errors
  • Instant and next day funding
  • Surcharging, interchange optimization and high risk-processing available
  • Inventory, Menu, Customer and Employee management
  • Fingerprint logins, Data Tokenization, and End-to-End encryption
  • Wireless, 4G/LTE, Hotspot
  • Delivery service integration

Merchant's PACT Platforms

Customizable Solutions

Your needs are unique, and so are your customer's demands.

  • Create customer billing plans
  • Send promotions to customers
  • Generate menus for products/services
  • Develop price points and discount programs
  • Export reporting that is meaningful to you


  • View live sales data, filter by location or sales channel
  • Build a database of your best customers
  • Track inventory
  • Check when funds are deposited into your bank account
  • Manage taxes for accounting purposes

Merchant's Pact Analytics

Our Approach

We are consultative, secure, and client-centric. We are here to ensure that you have the best, secure, and most affordable payment acceptance option.


  • Assess current and future needs
  • Provide detailed pricing analysis
  • Discuss solution offerings


  • PCI certified point to point encryption
  • Card data is tokenized during transmission
  • Rest assured with liability and breach protection


  • Quick and easy set up process
  • 24/7 support with in-house service escalation
  • Personalized support with ongoing, proactive communication

Free Merchant Processing Consultation and Analysis

If you are interested in saving money on your payment card acceptance with Merchant's PACT, visit our partner site with Merchant's PACT.

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Corporate Profile

*Features vary by equipment. We do not offer the Merchant Surcharge Program in the following states: CT, MA, and PR. Must clearly and prominently display the surcharge rate at the point-of-sale and point of entry notifying all customers that this fee will be applied if they pay by credit card. There may be other disclosure requirements related to surcharging depending on where you are located and your business type. You are solely responsible for preparing disclosures that comply with applicable laws. Please review any state laws the Card Brand rules to determine what applies to your business. Some states have additional disclosure requirements that prevent businesses from advertising one price and then adding a surcharge at the point of sale when a consumer elects to pay with a credit card. Instead, businesses should post the higher prices and inform consumers of the higher credit card price for each product or service. In these states, merchants must clearly post the dollar and cents amount of each product or service offered. Additionally, businesses may be required to inform consumers of the higher credit card price for each product or service by posting the dollars and cents amount of the higher price.

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