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Our butler gives you a tour of Banking Butler.

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Welcome to a New Level of Service

We are excited to bring you our next innovation in technology and service, Banking Butler Digital Banking. Banking Butler launched on December 17, 2019! With the launch of Banking Butler, you now have a greater array of options at your disposal in online banking. Many of those features you may have never seen before. In the following sections, we hope to guide you through our transition to Banking Butler and all of its amazing services. Please begin by watching our introductory video, and enjoy this guide through Banking Butler.

Tips to Know

  • Banking Butler does not affect account numbers, checks, direct deposits, debit cards, ATMs, or our telephone banking system.
  • If you see text accompanied by an underline and down facing arrow, click the text or arrow to expand or minimize the section of content.
  • If you have our old online banking, I-Banking, bookmarked on your browser, please delete this bookmark as it will no longer be valid.
  • We're always here to help.


  • See the important information before you begin with Banking Butler.
  • See how to log in to Banking Butler.
  • Take a look at all of Banking Butler's services.
  • Learn how to use Banking Butler with our how-to guides.
  • Banking Butler, like many other websites, will not work properly with Internet Explorer. Take a look at what browsers work.

Important Information

We have important information that we need to share to answer a few initial questions you may have.


If you are already a user of First Harrison Bank's online banking, and you're logging in to Banking Butler for the first time, please read this information. If you are a new First Harrison Bank customer and/or have never used First Harrison Bank's online banking, start with our Enroll section.

Banking Butler Services

We're excited to bring you the following services within Banking Butler.


We know there is a lot you can do in Banking Butler. Please see all of the how-to sections to see how to do your everyday functions plus all of the new options.

System Requirements

Banking Butler is an advanced online banking technology that works with the latest and greatest technology options as well as some previous versions/operating systems. Take a look at our list for minimum system requirements.


As websites and applications on websites evolve, some Internet browsers provide a better experience with the latest technology. Banking Butler, like many other websites, will not work properly with Internet Explorer (IE). If you're using Internet Explorer, we encourage you to switch to a new browser.

Need Help?

If you are having any trouble with Banking Butler whatsoever, please call your local branch or send us a secure message within Banking Butler.

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