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A new level of service is here.

We take pride in providing great service to our customers. We also believe that great service can be even greater. Our new online banking, Banking Butler, is something we feel will change how you do your banking with us with the best possible service.  We've shared just some of the features of Banking Butler below. If you're a First Harrison Bank customer and want to know how to use Banking Butler, see our Butler's Guide.

Butler's Guide

Biller Direct

We all have bills and none of them are due at the same time. It can be hard to keep track of what's due when. Biller Direct can connect many of your accounts that you pay into one place and see them in real-time.

Once you connect Biller Direct to your billers, you can use your First Harrison Bank debit card to:

  • Pay your bills on your own recurring schedule.
  • Pay your bills on demand when you want to pay.
  • Make same-day payments.
  • Receive notifications when your bill is due.


You never have to miss another payment with Biller Direct.


Biller Direct Art

Snap! Payments

If you go to lunch with a friend, it's put together on one bill, and both of you wanted to pay separately with a debit card, what do you do? With Snap! Payments, that situation is resolved in a snap! If you want to pay your friend, family member, or anyone else, you can send them funds with Snap! Payments using your First Harrison Bank debit card. The recipient doesn't have to be a First Harrison Bank customer. They'll receive a text or email with a link to collect their payment. It's instant. It's free for both parties. Check out our introductory video below.


Cinch Deposits

Launching December 17, Cinch Deposits provides you the ease of face-to-face teller deposit service at your fingertips. You will have the ability to simply and quickly deposit checks into your personal or business accounts from your smartphone. With Cinch Deposits, what once required a trip to the branch or ATM (and sometimes even a wait in line) is now a cinch from anywhere cellphone service is available. Check out our introductory video below.



If you're like us, you have your debit card information stored on many sites and subscriptions online. When you get a new debit card for any reason, it's always a pain to change that information across the Internet. We always forget to change it, and the payment is declined when you go to buy.

With our new tool, CardSwap, we're going to help you make that change EASY. Here's a summary of how it works:

  • Connect your favorite popular sites and subscriptions with your login information for each site.
  • Enter your debit card information ONE time.
  • Click ONE button and your information is swapped for all of your chosen sites and subscriptions.
  • Convenience and time saved!


CardSwap Art

First Harrison+

While we'd love to help you with all of your finances, we understand you may have loans, credit cards, deposit accounts, retirement accounts, and more at other financial institutions. That can make it a pain to keep track of all of your finances. With First Harrison+, you don't have to go to multiple websites anymore. Within Banking Butler, First Harrison+ will allow you to connect your external accounts to your First Harrison Bank login. Now, you can see balances, credit limits, and more all on one page from many other institutions. Check out our introductory video below.

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