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Let First Harrison help you protect the money you have worked hard to earn!


By reducing the amount of checks that you write, you make it less likely that your account information could get stolen. Just remember your checking account number and routing number are on every single check you give out.

  • Send and receive payments that are safe and secure
  • Eliminate the number of times you give out personal information

Positive Pay

Positive Pay is a fraud protection tool that helps to keep your business safe. It’s a service we provide to our business customers where we match the account number, check number, name, and dollar amount when a check is presented for payment. We compare to the daily check files you send to the bank through I-banking. If one of the components doesn’t match, the check will be rejected unless you authorize to be paid.

  • Reduces the possibility of fraudulent check activity
  • Easy to use
  • No altered, copied, or counterfeit checks are cashed
  • Control over which checks are paid and which checks are held for review


Create personalized alerts that will inform you 24/7 by text and email of items such as:

  • When your balance is greater than or less than an amount that is chosen by you
  • For all withdrawal amounts that are greater than an amount chosen by you
  • For all deposit amounts that are greater than an amount chosen by you
  • When certain check numbers have cleared
  • To re-order checks when a certain check number has cleared
  • When a transfer occurs to and from my account
  • When a recurring transfer was not processed
  • When my statement is available