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Accounts Receivable

Making the sale is great, but collecting the money is even better. See below how First Harrison
can assist you with your collections.


Automated Clearing House (ACH) is a way of transferring money securely through any financial institution. Your customers will give you permission to pull money electronically out of their account. The customer will benefit from the hassle of check writing and you will have a safe and guaranteed payment. 

  • Electronically collect payments that are guaranteed funds
  • Automatically show up in your account without a trip to the bank
  • Save on stamps, paper, and ink

Recurring Billing

An arrangement made between you and your customers very similar to ACH in which you set up
recurring or repeating payments straight from their checking account to yours. The payment will be
processed at specific intervals agreed upon by you and your customer. Once the initial set-up is complete,
you will do nothing but watch your bank account grow.

  • Set up recurring payments through ACH
  • Ensures a timely and guaranteed payment
  • Win-Win for you and your customer
  • Increase your cash flow and your peace of mind
  • Save time and money by eliminating paper invoices

Remote Capture

Remote Capture allows our business customers to make deposits 24/7 without stepping a foot out of the
door! You send your deposits to us securely by using one of our desktop scanners. Our desktop
scanner hooks right up to your PC, and you scan them right to us. It’s like having your own personal teller.

  • Make as many deposits as you want; there’s no limit
  • Save time and money by eliminating going to the bank to make your deposits
  • Save time and money by eliminating deposit tickets

Credit Card Processing

More and more customers are paying bills with credit cards and every business wants to be prepared
to accept a popular form of payment. Don’t lose a sale by not having the right equipment.

  • Partner with Merchant's PACT who is national and creditable
  • Collect money at the time of purchase on phone orders
  • Working on-the-go? Accept credit card payments on site with your smartphone or tablet
  • Collect from past due customers over the phone instead of waiting for a check to come through the mail
  • Give us call for a quote today!