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Mortgage Loan*

Homebuyers find quick and simple financing at First Harrison Bank with either a fixed-rate or adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) loan. Reasonable closing costs make financing real estate affordable for most borrowers. Ask lenders at any location about current rates.


Flexible terms are available on automobile loans, depending on the year and mileage of the vehicle. Interest rates are fixed for the term of the loan. If payment is automatically deducted from account, 1/4% is deducted from the current interest rate.

Home Equity Line of Credit*

The Home Equity Line of Credit allows homeowners to borrow funds using the equity in their residence. Consult tax adviser for possible tax deduction benefits.

First-time Homeowners Program*

Ask your loan officer about the eligibility requirements and terms of these programs if you are considering buying a new home for the first time.


For the purpose of home construction, a line of credit is available to qualified borrowers. Customers of construction loans pay interest only on the amount used.


Customers with small and short-term borrowing needs find the Consumer/Personal Loan a perfect arrangement. They are structured on a monthly payment basis unless the customer can provide an alternate time and source of repayment. If payment is automatically deducted from account, interest rate is reduced by 1/4%.

Ready Line*

Ready Line / Ready Line Plus is ideal for short-term borrowing needs, such as appliances, auto repairs, holiday shopping and more.


Visa is a recognized and accepted personal line of credit around the world, activated through the use of a personalized credit card.  Cardholders may contact us at 1-800-390-1465 for a copy of their agreement.

Student Loans*

There are many ways to pay for the cost of a higher education.  After considering all your federal loans, scholarships and grants you may still have a gap you need to cover to pay your total college costs. First Harrison Bank works with the iHELP Student Loan program to provide you an attractive private student loan that can help you to cover that gap.
* Competitive interest rates
* No origination or repayment fees
* Flexible repayment options
* Easy to apply and responsive customer service
iHELP helps to meet your financing needs for college.
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* All Loans subject to credit approval